Without a doubt about Consumer Complaint Database

This database is an accumulation of complaints about customer products that are financial solutions we provided for businesses for reaction https://quickpaydayloan.info.

Items to understand before you utilize the database

Complaints are posted following the business responds, confirming a relationship that is commercial the customer, or after 15 times, whichever comes first. Discover more

Complaints aren’t necessarily representative of most customers’ experiences by having a economic item or business. Get the full story

We don’t verify most of the allegations in issue narratives. Discover more

Our interactive map shows complaints submitted over the last 3 years. You are able to switch involving the total complaints submitted or complaints submitted per 1,000 populace (the full total wide range of complaints into the geographical area per 1,000 individuals staying in that area, on the basis of the 2017 United states Community Survey (ACS) information).

Picking out a state takes one to the Consumer Complaint Database where you could use more filters or replace the time frame. View interactive map

Complaints Complaints per 1,000 populace

View, sort, and filter data right in your browser.

All problem data we publish is easily designed for you to make use of, evaluate, and build in.

Every springtime, we are accountable to Congress about styles seen in the complaints we received the previous 12 months in our customer Response Annual Report.

In regards to the database

97% of complaints sent to organizations get responses that are timely

The Consumer Complaint Database is an accumulation of complaints about customer financial loans and solutions that people provided for businesses for reaction. Complaints are published following the business reacts, confirming a commercial relationship with the buyer, or after 15 times, whichever comes first. Complaints referred to many other regulators, such as for example complaints about depository institutions with significantly less than ten dollars billion in assets, are not posted within the Consumer Complaint Database. The database generally updates daily.

Have actually a concern having a product that is financial solution? We’ve responses to faqs and that can allow you to connect to businesses if a complaint is had by you. Discover more

What you need to think about while using the information

This database is certainly not a sample that is statistical of’ experiences in industry. Complaints aren’t necessarily representative of most customers’ experiences and complaints usually do not constitute “information” for purposes associated with Suggestions Quality Act .

Complaint volume should be thought about within the context of business size and/or market share. For instance, organizations with an increase of clients may do have more complaints than businesses with less clients. We encourage you to definitely set issue information with general public and private data sets for extra context.

The Bureau publishes the buyer’s narrative description of his / her experience in the event that customer opts to fairly share it publicly and following the Bureau takes actions to eliminate information that is personal. We do not verify most of the allegations in grievance narratives. Unproven allegations in customer narratives ought to be seen as viewpoint, maybe maybe not reality. We usually do not follow the views expressed and also make no representation that customers’ allegations are accurate, clear, complete, or impartial in substance or presentation. Users should think about just just just what conclusions are fairly drawn from complaints alone.

Exactly how we use problem information

Complaints can provide us insights into issues folks are experiencing in the marketplace which help us regulate consumer lending options and solutions under current consumer that is federal laws and regulations, enforce those laws and regulations judiciously, and teach and enable customers to make informed financial choices. We also report on problem styles yearly in Consumer Response’s Annual are accountable to Congress.

97% of complaints delivered to organizations get responses that are timely

Previous changes into the database

In April 2017, we made some modifications into the method items, sub-products, problems, and sub-issues are grouped. The Consumer Complaint Database shows the customer’s original items, sub-products, dilemmas, and sub-issues choices in keeping with your options available from the kind at that time the buyer presented the issue.

Down load the info

Our reports emphasize a number of that which we are seeing within the complaints we handle, but understand there are many more approaches to utilize, evaluate and build in the information. That is why we have the ability we have taken steps to remove personal information for you to download the data, once.

You can easily install all grievance information as either a CSV or JSON file right right here, you can also install a subset for the data—such as all complaints for the particular product—by filtering the entire information set and exporting your outcomes.