Financial obligation complaints pupils with issues about loans for advanced schooling study ( e.g. College research) should make reference to StudyAssist

Unsatisfactory conduct

You might request the Secretary for the Department of Employment, techniques, Small and Family company (the division) to cancel your VET FEE- HELP or VET student education loans financial obligation if the provider has involved with ‘unacceptable conduct’ beneath the legislation.

Unsatisfactory conduct just relates to:

  • Conduct that occurred after 1 January 2016; and
  • Conduct that falls inside the concept of ‘unacceptable conduct’ within the legislation—for example, for VET figuratively speaking, harassment or coercion by way of a provider or conduct this is certainly deceptive, misleading or unconscionable.

Time limits apply to distribution of unsatisfactory conduct re-credit applications:

If web site you believe this might connect with you, you ought to submit a problem towards the VET figuratively speaking Ombudsman through their site.

The department previously considered these complaints, and can gauge the complaints it offers received up to 30 September 2019. About that decision if you have already submitted a complaint to the department, the department will make a decision and inform you.

Inappropriate conduct under VET FEE- HELP

This legislation enables debts become remitted in the event that conduct for the provider is set become improper. The new remedy commenced on 1 January 2019.

To learn more about the treatment, make reference to the VET figuratively speaking Ombudsman.

That you would have incurred a liability if you cancelled your enrolment after the provider’s published census date) and further action is required, you can contact the VET Student Loans Ombudsman or call 1300 362 072 if you still believe that your issue has not been addressed (noting.

The Ombudsman is separate through the division and it has a unique appropriate capabilities to investigate and cope with enquiries and complaints.


We ought not to have debt because We never studied.

You can ask your provider to review their decision if you are not satisfied with how the provider has dealt with your complaint. All providers are required to have an inside and review that is external as an element of their formal complaints procedure.

When your provider is not helpful, or if the provider has closed and you’re not able to get any information from their store, you may possibly desire to contact the VET figuratively speaking Ombudsman to go over the complaints procedure.

Take note, the Ombudsman will usually maybe maybe maybe not commence a study of the issue until you have actually first tried to resolve your problem along with your provider. When you have maybe not done this, the Ombudsman may counsel you to improve your issue together with your provider in the beginning.

You will need your Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) to login if you want to check your reported VET FEE- HELP debts by logging onto the myHelpbalance portal. Your CHESSN is into the email or page which you will have to provide personal information to verify your identity that you were sent, or email HEIMS. to request your CHESSN, noting.

We ought not to have financial obligation when I withdrew through the program ahead of the census date.

Day you should not incur any loan debt for units of study you enrolled in but formally withdrew from before the census. More info on Withdrawing from research can be obtained in the StudyAssist site. If it has happened to you personally, raise it along with your provVET FEE- HELP / VET student education loans financial obligation to be cancelled. A provVET FEE- HELP / VET figuratively speaking financial obligation with respect to the nature associated with the grievance. The provider’s formal complaints procedure shall offer you the right of appeal should you not buy into the provider’s choice.

You can contact the VET Student Loans Ombudsman if you believe that your provider has not been helpful.

My training provider consented to cancel my financial obligation nonetheless it nevertheless shows in MyHelpbalance/myGov.

On verification that the provider has submitted a revisions file to your division, you might need to contact the ATO and advise that a revisions file was forwarded towards the division pertaining to your debt*. With the ATO regarding your tax matters if you have concerns, you can discuss options available to you.

Contact information for the ATO:

Please be aware: the ATO will conduct recognition checks for the enquiry, so don’t forget to get Tax File quantity handy.

More information about repaying your HELP loan can be acquired regarding the StudyAssist web site.

* Due to a retrospective validation process placed on data reported by providers, this could end in the info being revised as much as eight weeks after it was reported. This revised information is then utilized in the Australian Taxation Office.

I’ve expected my training provider to cancel my financial obligation however they are perhaps not assisting me personally.

You can contact the VET Student Loans Ombudsman if you believe your provider has not been cooperative.

I have a problem exactly how my VET FEE-HELP /VET figuratively speaking provider has addressed me personally.

If you should be maybe not pleased with exactly how your provider has dealt along with your grievance, it is possible to ask your provider to examine their decision about your problem. All providers are required to have an inside and outside review procedure included in their formal complaints procedure.